Ongoing Events

Paul McCarthy > "The Handball Alleys" > Photography Exhibition > The Little Catherine St. Bookshop and Bourke's Bar

Robin Parmar > Sound Art Installation > Goldmine Jewellers

Emma Fisher > Mechanical Puppet Theatre Installation > Pat Franklin's Shoe Repair Shop

Gavin Hogg > Outdoor Street Print Installation > Catherine Street

John Elliott > Archaeologist > "Gathering Stories/ Mapping Cathine St" > Installation > Silke's

John Galvin > An Archival Video Installation > Faber Studios

Neville Gawley > Stop Motion Installation > C. O'Donnell Fashions

Emmalena Fredriksson > Open Air Dance Performances > Catherine Street

Stephen Maher > "Protest" > Performance Art > Catherine Street

Sinéad Dinneen > "Illuminate" > Participatory Light Project > Catherine Street

Spiritstore > Bookcrossing event > Look out for lost books lying around the street. > Catherine Street

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

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