Narrative Arts Club


About The Narrative Arts Club

The Narrative Arts Club has been in existence for 5 years now. It was originally founded by the club director, Coilín Oh-Aissieux, in 2005 to raise the profile of innovative storytelling as a popular form of entertainment in Dublin's nightlife.

Since then we have been performing in venues around Dublin such as the Central Hotel Library bar, Dublin Exchange Milk and Cookie storytelling event, the Reptile Caberet and many more.

As well as performances we also provide workshops on storytelling techniques and we are also very interested in collaborating with visual artists, animators and musicians.

In our storysketching performances we invite sketchers in the Dublin area to come along to our show and sketch what we tell which results in some very beautiful sketches.

Current regular performers are Adam Wilson and club director Coilín "The" Oh-Aissieux.

What are they up to?

Friday and Saturday 9pm > "Eye Contact" Theatre > Storytelling > French's Café

In this context, "storytelling" is understood as an art form both ancient and brand new, in which a performer presents a dramatic sequence of events through unscripted direct narration, i.e. by simply telling the story, using eye contact and improvised words and gestures to interact with the audience. This is a simple "eye-contact theatre", where the storytelling performer speaks directly to the audience, without elaborate sets, lighting or costumes. The friendly contact between teller and listeners creates a magical space where the story unfolds vividly in the imagination.

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