Mark O'Connor


SPIRITSTORECORDING is a live music and video recording installation created by Limrock village elder Mark O’Connor, who’s been recording and performing in bands in Limerick since like 1994 and shit! The idea is simple. He’s recorded all over town, but never before have the public had a chance to see him do it. Now, with a willing group of sonic and visual art accomplices, and in the unstoppable spirit of the Spirit Store, Creative Limerick, and Catherine who they named the street after (whoever she was), Mark and friends will perform, record, stream and take input from you the public to create a never before envisaged piece of video/sonic art which (we hope) will be streamed live and recorded for posting online later. Drawing on the themes of Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Love, they be cookin up some pagan rocktastic voodoo shit for your viewing/listening pleasure, and to show that it’s OK to be a person with a heART.

What's he up to?

SPIRITSTORECORING will be a piece of live performed music, recorded on a digital 8 track audio recording device and on digital video, will be streamed live and will be directly influenced by the members of the public who chose to get curious about what the hell is going on in there?

Sunday 1.30pm > Studio Recording Workshop > Bourke's Bar > 1hr

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