John Elliott, Archaeologist

About John

A Limerick City native I have a degree in Archaeology and Classical Civilisations from NUI Galway, I am a member of the Thomond Archaeological and Historical Society and I worked as a docent guide in the Hunt Museum, I recently finished a research programme with the Limerick Civic Trust from which I had a pictorial isometric map of medieval Limerick and an accompanying booklet on the remaining medieval fabric of the city published.

What he's up to

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I have been researching the history of Catherine Street mainly in the mid/late nineteenth century when the Georgian streetscape was very much different to what we see today, however much of the Georgian fabric and feel of the street has remained.

Using mid nineteenth sources, maps, surveys, valuations, newspaper articles, censuses and business directories it will be possible to shed light on how the street has changed in use and how it’s perceived.

I have photographed the entire length of the street on both sides from which I am drawing a plan of the street, through this I hope to give a picture of the old street and hope that through interaction with the public I can use their shared knowledge of the city and use their collective memory and photographs to fill in the gaps

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