John Lillis



NAME: jOhn Lillis

CONTACT NUMBER: 0876102110

E-MAIL: moc.liamg|sboodynnhoj#moc.liamg|sboodynnhoj

WEB-SITE: www.myspace.com/johnnydoobs

BIOGRAPHY (one paragraph; to be used as part of the SpiritStore publicity):

At age ten, John Lillis decided he'd had enough of his Transformers and promptly sold his collection in order to start buying tapes after getting a copy of Public Enemy's Apocalypse 91. Eight years later, he switched to buying vinyl and the turntable love affair started there. He has experimented extensively with the various processes of turntable music, from live improvisations, scratch performances, interacting with a band and dj-ing. He co-runs the Kerrynini collective, which promotes live events, festivals, seminars and workshops around Ireland, primarily focusing on vinyl culture, electronic music and hiphop aesthetics, and also works with the Community Skratch collective, an international non-profit organisation that aims to showcase turntable music and educate people on developing scratch composition. His academic career includes a degree in Sociology and English, a diploma in Sound Engineering and a Masters in Music Technology. He is barred from entering giveaways on Today FM after winning too many music competitions consecutively.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY (one sentence; to describe your proposed session):

Record, Loop, Play – Exploring creative sampling in modern turntablism.


Sunday 30th/08/2009 or October /09/2009

A. 1-2pm □ B. 3-5pm □ C. 7-9pm (This one)

Note: we kindly request that if your session has any adult content, please choose the 7-9pm slot.


1 hour and 30 minutes


Just a big table. The set-up required would consist of one turntable, mixer, laptop, soundcard, midi keyboard, pedals, microphone and a stereo system. Obviously, I'd bring the lot with me.


1. Please note that due to spatial restrictions the following activities cannot be accommodated:

* dancing
* moving furniture
* floorwork
* music performance or gigs requiring amplification

Note: small acoustic samples, electro-acoustic, classical and pre-recorded compositions will suit the space most. If uncertain, please contact us directly. We would be delighted to provide pre-gig space for musicians to meet their audiences.

2. Please refer to SpiritStore in all your public relations re your session. More info can be found at http://spiritstorelimerick.blogspot.com/ or SpiritStore Facebook .

3. Cancellation notice must be given 4 days in advance of your session and can be sent by email to moc.liamg|kciremilerotstirips#moc.liamg|kciremilerotstirips

4. Participation in the project is on a voluntary basis so please understand there are no fees or monies exchanged.

5. The SpiritStore cannot accept responsibility for props, equipment, instruments or materials brought in by session hosts.

6. The session slots will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.

7. Please note that alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises.

8. Please note that there are no toilet facilities on the premises.

I, John Lillis, agree that my session ' may be recorded and posted for documentation, press and publicity in SpiritStore related press.

□ please tick if you do not agree

*Technical Equipment available:


Projection Screen

PC with Quicktime, Realplayer, Powerpoint, Internet access, DVD player, CD player

PC Speakers


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