Bourke's Bar

Located at: 72, Catherine St.


What's going on at Bourke's?


5pm > Paul Tarpey and John Lillis: Hidden Hearing > Audio Visual Performance


6pm > Tracey Fahey Ghostwalk - Meeting at Bourke's Bar
8pm > Tracey Fahey Ghosttalk - Bourke's Bar Basement


1.30pm > Mark O'Connor Studio Recording Workshop

3pm > ALba Perez and Harry Minogue Flamenco Guitar and Dance and Accoustic Guitar Tips and Tricks Workshop in Bourke's Bar basement.

5pm > Juerga Flamenca Ken Foley, Ger Golden, Alex O'Donoghue, Shane O'Dwyer, Maria Houlihan. Music Performance. Bourke's Bar Basement

5pm > Cheebah "Just One Record" > Discussion of Limerick's Vinyl History.

6pm > Stones Throw Records Film The Irish Premiere of "Secondhand Sureshots", a Stone's Throw Records Film Production.

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