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About Amanda

Amanda Dunsmore is a visual artist based in Ireland. The subject matter of her diverse range of artworks originate from contemporary social contexts, presented through the media of video, sound, photography and installation. Recent works include the performance series Head in a Hole Woman and the multi-presentational public sound work Shhh Shhh Shhh - Bags, Streets, Windows Linz, Austria. Her historical context projects reflect on diverse acts of preservation and include the Keeper project.

What's she up to?

Ongoing Installation > ‘ Others Have Their Heads – A subterranean Intervention for CAT DIG’ > Catherine St

In the summer of 2008 I found a hole in a rural road and put my head in it. I am intrigued by the simple visual metaphor of this action. The moment of production is an integral element of this artistic process, exploring location and exploiting site, with the aim of creating different and unusual contexts.
I would like to propose a new location responsive work for CAT DIG, from the Head in a Hole Woman series, involving myself and seven LSAD students – ‘Others Have Their Heads’. In consultation with the CAT DIG committee the process would involve searching the street for potential external sites such as street furniture and man hole covers. Internal shop sites would be explored for potential intvervention in consultation with the tenant. The type of intervention that could occur can be viewed on blog:

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